This website is an archive and will no longer be updated. For continuing research and analysis of faith-based social services, turn to the
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The Roundtable published a wide variety of publications on issues related to faith-based social services. They include research papers, reports, analyses of legal developments and policy changes, and transcripts of meetings and discussion panels. The publications listed below are a sampling of those available on this website. Click the links above to access others.

Policy Environment

The Expanding Administrative Presidency: George W. Bush and the Faith-Based Initiative - more

State Policies on Faith-Based Social Services in the United States Since 2002 - more


State of the Law 2008: A Cumulative Report on Legal Developments Affecting Government Partnerships with Faith-Based Organizations -- more

"Constitutional Change and Responsibilities of Governance Pertaining to the Faith-Based and Community Initiative" - more

Public & Private Funding

Getting a Piece of the Pie: Federal Grants to Faith-Based Social Service Organizations - more

Private Sector Contributions to Faith-Based Social Service: Policies and Giving Patterns of Private Foundations - more

Scope & Scale of Services

"American Congregations and Social Service Programs: Results of a Survey"- more

The Scope and Scale of Faith-Based Social Services -- more


Comparative Views on the Role and Effect of Faith in Social Services - more

Performance Comparison of Faith-Affiliated and Other Social Service Providers - more