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Taking Stock: The Bush Faith-Based Initiative and What Lies Ahead

Few matters of domestic public policy were more closely associated with President George W. Bush than his often controversial efforts to expand government partnerships with faith-based providers of social services. Chief among the innovations used to realize this expanded partnership was the creation of the high-profile White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

Taking Stock: The Bush Faith-Based Initiative and What Lies Ahead, the final report by the Roundtable on Religion and Social Welfare Policy, explores the methodical character, breadth, depth and scale of the Bush Faith-Based and Community Initiative and looks ahead to President Barack Obama’s approach to continuing service partnerships between the government and religious groups.

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Stanley Carlson-Thies
Center for Public Justice
Rev. Luis Cortes
Nueva Esperanza  
Rabbi David Saperstein
Religious Action Center
of Reform Judaism

Annie Laurie Gaylor
Freedom From
Religion Foundation

Jannah Scott
Arizona Governor’s

Mark Souder

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The Bush Administration’s Faith-Based and Community Initiative

An Introduction To Faith-Based Social Services

Faith-Based Initiatives and The States

The Comparative Effectiveness of Faith-Based Social Services

Guidance to Faith-Based Organizations Partnering With Government

Hiring Rights of Religious Organizations

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Roundtable Areas of Focus on Faith-Based Social Services

Policy Environment
George W. Bush and the Faith-Based Initiative
State Policies on Faith-Based Social Services in the United States Since 2002

State of the Law 2008: A Cumulative Report on Legal Developments Affecting Government Partnerships with Faith-Based Organizations

Constitutional Change and Responsibilities of Governance Pertaining to the Faith-Based and Community Initiative

Scope & Scale
American Congregations and Social Service Programs
The Scope and Scale of Faith-Based Social Services
Comparative Views on the Role and Effect of Faith in Social Services

Performance Comparison of Faith-Affiliated and Other Social Service Providers
Public & Private Funding
Getting a Piece of the Pie: Federal Grants to Faith-Based Social Service Organizations

Private Sector Contributions to Faith-Based Social Service: Policies and Giving Patterns of Private Foundations